Back at the farm

Our Furry Friends

They may walk on four legs instead of two, but we like to think of our herd of alpacas as family. Each animal has a unique personality, and is often easily distinguishable in the field just by watching their mannerisms! Individual personality aside, our animals have an incredibly gentle demeanor that makes caring for them (and snuggling, too) an extra-special treat.

Grace and Cleo nose to nose
Grace and Cleo nose to nose


Madeline with cria
Maddie with a cria (baby alpaca)


Grace makes a funny face


Our Farm

Our farm, Abbott Farm Alpacas, is located in Cumberland, Maine (just a few minutes north of Portland!). Here our herd of friendly alpacas run, jump, munch and hum their way around the yard (most often around their favorite apple tree).

Alpacas and the apple tree
Our alpacas love the apple tree

Our Family

As a family farm, everyone plays an important role! Whether moving hay, shearing our herd of alpacas, or attending special events, we all pitch in to keep our farm running smoothly and, most importantly, to keep our herd happy!

Owners Tom and Stacey with Jack and Liam.
Owners Tom and Stacey with alpacas Jack and Liam


Liza Mae and Quinn
Liza Mae and Quinn