Fiber Facts

There are two types of alpacas: Suri and Huacaya. Suris, representing the smaller percentage of the alpaca population in the world, have long silky locks of fiber that hang down at the sides of the alpaca. Huacaya alpacas, making up a much larger percentage of the total population, have dense ,water-resistant locks, resembling a fluffy teddy bear. Both types of alpacas grow their fabulous fleece in over 22 different natural colors ranging from whites and light fawns, to dark browns, black and grays. Also, this natural fiber exhibits some noteworthy benefits gorgeous crimp and lusterto the consumer of its products , those being:
…. super thermal warmth, more so than wool
…. very lightweight
…. having a smooth surface along the fiber reducing the “itchy factor” you can find in some wools
…. is hypoallergenic related to the lack of lanolin (grease) you can find in wool

….  wicks moisture away from skin
…. and gives a very soft and comfortable, luxurious feel to the end products made with alpaca fiber.