How it’s made: the Maine Alpaca Blanket

From farm to fiber to finished object: your blanket is made with care.

At the farm

Our herd of alpacas are raised for their fleece on our family farm in Cumberland, Maine. Their sweet demeanor and kind eyes make them nearly irresistible if you’re looking for a warm and furry friend to cuddle! Our alpacas grow out their warm coats until May when we start shearing.

Shearing day

Each year, right around the middle of May, we shear our alpacas for their fiber (and they sure do love the haircut). During shearing day we also trim the alpaca’s nails and bring them up to date on any shots. Their short hair after the shave also allows us to check their skin for any cuts or other health issues. The health of our animals is our top priority!



A whole lot of fiber comes off of one alpaca. We save the finest fiber for our Maine Alpaca Blanket. The rest is sorted by color and grade (fineness) to be made into yarn, roving or to be left as fiber for felting and spinning enthusiasts.


Once our fiber has been sorted, we can begin the lengthy cleaning process! Before the fiber can be washed at the mill, we have to hand pick out any bits of dirt, hay or poop. It’s a long job, but helping hands from friends and family make the work go by fast!

Carding and spinning

At the spinning mill, the fiber is cleaned again (that pesky hay), carded, and then spun into yarn. The yarn is not dyed but instead shows the natural color of our white and brown alpacas.

Weaving mill

At the textile mill, the newly spun yarn is placed on a large loom to be woven into your favorite Maine Alpaca Blanket!

From Our Farm to Your Home

Once they’re ready, our weaver delivers our blankets to our farm in Cumberland, Maine. Then, we add our blanket tag, take some photos, and get our blankets ready for sale in our shop!

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