The Maine Alpaca Blanket


Made with ultra-soft alpaca fiber, our limited edition Maine Alpaca Blanket will wrap you in luxury and warmth. Soft as cashmere and warmer than wool, this blanket is sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

Size: 50″ x 60″

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From our family farm to your home. Our blankets use our own alpaca fiber that is grown and spun in Maine. As of 2017: blanket woven in New England.

We released our first Maine Alpaca Blanket in 2014, and each year we feature a different design to showcase the natural fiber color of our white and brown alpacas.

Soft as cashmere and warmer than wool, alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic—which means it doesn’t itch, we promise!

Drape the throw over your couch or cuddle up with a good book in your favorite chair. Soft enough for the most sensitive skin, and durable enough to last, our Maine Alpaca Blanket is sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

Please note: 2015 twill blanket is a lighter weight than the other blankets (price difference reflects this). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Natural alpaca fiber has many benefits: it’s warm, durable, hypoallergenic (no itch!), and as soft as cashmere. At PacaNaturals, we care for our alpacas as much as our products and we chose the highest grade fibers available for our limited edition Maine Alpaca Blanket. That means this blanket is softer than wool and is sure to become a lasting family heirloom. From our family to yours, we are thrilled to share our handcrafted Maine Alpaca Blanket with you.


(see photos for examples):

  • 2014 Stripe (1 lb. 11 oz.)
  • 2015 Twill (15 oz.)
  • 2016 Houndstooth (1 lb. 10 oz.)
  • 2017 Multi-stripe

Blanket size

Approximately 50″ x 60″, perfect to display as a couch throw! Read how our blankets are made.


80% alpaca fiber (Maine-grown), 20% merino wool (USA)


Wool products will shrink when agitated in water. For best results, we highly recommend that you dry clean your blanket. If dry cleaning is not available, gently soak the blanket in cold water or a no-rinse wool soak. Roll loosely in a towel to soak up the extra moisture (do not twist or wring dry). Once it is no longer soaking wet, reshape the garment and lay it flat to dry.


About PacaNaturals

PacaNaturals was founded in 2013 by family-owned Abbott Farm Alpacas in Cumberland, Maine. At the farm, more than 40 Hucacaya alpacas are raised for their fine fleece. Farm owners Tom and Stacey have great admiration for and devotion to this unique animal with big, beautiful eyes and gentle demeanor.

All PacaNaturals products are handcrafted by local artisans, many from Maine. When you purchase a PacaNaturals product, you support local business, fibers growers, and artisans, too.

Photo credit: Amanda Fogarty

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 60 x 50 in

2014 Stripe, 2015 Twill, 2016 Houndstooth, 2017 Multistripe