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You’ll Think Your Feet ‘Rule’ With These Kentucky Royalty Golf Socks

PacaNaturals presents a new sock style: an alpaca golf sock that is not just for golfers!


These ankle socks come to us courtesy of Kentucky Royalty, a Kentucky-based farm that supports family owned farms. Each sock is carefully constructed, using only domestic fiber, to be highly functional and super comfortable.

As always, alpaca fiber is as soft as cashmere, but this sock has so much more to offer. Mesh knitting on the top allows your skin to breathe easy, keeping your feet nice and cool. A thicker layer on the bottom provides support for your arch as well as extra cushioning while walking.

If you turn one of these golf socks inside out, you’ll find terry loops. These loops help to wick away moisture quickly and reduce odor. Imagine that, a sock that helps to keep your feet smelling fresh!

Natural white and black are currently the only colors available, but we have a variety of sizes for both ladies and men. Stop in to get a feel for these socks yourself!