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Driving Gloves For Men & Women, Made With New England Alpaca Fiber

Last winter, we added alpaca driving gloves to our inventory – and they were a hit!

Alpaca Driving Glove


When you get your mitts on these gloves, it’s easy to see why people love them. Super soft alpaca yarns were used to knit the outer shell, while the inside is lined with an acrylic material that sits snugly against your skin. Some deer skin leather stitched to the palm allows you to retain your grip while driving, shoveling, or even skiing. You won’t feel any itch like you might with other natural fibers, and these gloves offer superior warmth.

What’s the catch, you ask? No catch! These gloves really are every bit as wonderful as they sound. That’s why these alpaca driving gloves were one of our bestsellers last Christmas. Husbands and wives alike were gifted gloves because they are the perfect combination of “practical” and “luxurious”. Your loved ones all need something to protect their fingers when the frost comes, but few will splurge on a truly top-notch pair of gloves.

Still not convinced these gloves are special enough to be The Perfect Gift? What if we told you they’re locally made?

Ladies Driving Glove

These gloves come from a New England based company that collects alpaca fiber from thousands of small farms in the United States. High quality products can be commercially made (again, staying right here in the USA) and then sold back to the farms at a reduced, affordable rate.

This company provides the opportunity for smaller farms to see a product made with their fiber, which can be a pricey process for the casual alpaca farmer. For this reason, we love supporting the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool. We also love the artisan apparel being created. We’re sure you will too!

Just yesterday we received a new shipment of driving gloves. Guess what, ladies: size “small” is now back in stock!

Stop by our store to snag a pair of driving gloves before we sell out – or pop on over to our web store and claim your pair right now!