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The Return of First Friday Art Walk!

Acrylic GwenC

On Friday, April 4th, PacaNaturals will resume participation in Portland’s First Friday Art Walk. Our first featured artist is Gwendolyn Cardente, a local jack-of-all-art-trades. Gwendolyn enjoys working with a variety of media,┬áincluding oil, acrylic, mosaic, and printmaking.


Pictured left is one of her more colorful acrylics. At our store, you’ll see a series on the tools in our lives. Gwen believes that possessions absorb the characteristics of their owners, revealing how we’ve made use of even the simplest of objects.

“I have a hammer that belonged to my grandfather,” she offers as an example. “Although it is a mass manufactured tool, the dings and drips of paint, its handle, the angle of its swing, have been shaped by years of handiwork; repairing the shed, hanging pictures, building tomato trellises.”

PacaNaturals will remain open until 8:00pm. We welcome art walkers to stop in and experience Gwendolyn’s tool series, as well as some new autobiographical work she plans to debut.

In the past, PacaNaturals has had painters, photographers, and needle felters share their work for Portland, ME’s First Friday Art Walk. A new group of artists has been lined up for this summer’s events.