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Alpaca Hats, Scarves are 15% Off This Week When Purchased as a Set

This Week’s Special Offer

This week, PacaNaturals wants to reward all of the fashionistas out there.

The best part of any shopping spree is mixing and matching outfits. It’s no fun to try on just a pair of pants with the same shirt you put on at home. You figure, “If I’m going to stand in that small stall with poor lighting and cheap mirrors, I’m at least going to see myself looking fabulous from head to toe.” If you’re the type of person to grab several separates for the fitting room, then you’ll love this week’s special offer.

All week long, we’re giving a 15% discount on coordinated hat and scarf sets.

Stylish Scarves, Hip Hats

Most of the unique alpaca apparel in our store is created with alpaca yarn collections that are almost exclusively used for our artisan apparel. It’s easy to create a matching set that expresses your personal style. You might grab a beret knit with Abbott Yarns, then find a dozen different scarves made with the same color.

Layering Leaves SetTake this lacy set for example. The Layering Leaves Hat is a hand knit alpaca hat that features an elegant yarn over pattern appropriate for all seasons. That same pattern can be found on our Layering Leaves Scarf. Put these two together, and you have a lovely hat and scarf set that is sure to fetch you some compliments.

But maybe you prefer your hair to have less flair. With this week’s special offer, you can grab our Layering Leaves Scarf and pair it with this Rolled Bihm Beanie, which is a hand knit alpaca hat worked in a simple stockinette stitch.

Rolled Bihm Beanie


More About This Offer

This special offer applies to our entire collection of hats and scarves, with the exception of any items that are currently in our store on consignment. A matching set can be put together by coordinating your favorite color or mixing-and-matching a particular style. If you like the layering leaves pattern but hate having too much of one color, then grab a hat in Natural Abbott White and the scarf in Scarlet Red.

If you’re hoping to take advantage of our special offer this week, stop in any day we’re open! PacaNaturals is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM, as well as Saturdays from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Unfortunately, this special offer is available only in stores and is not available online.

If you have any questions or just want to share a picture of you looking snazzy in some of our artisan apparel, send us an e-mail at!