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PacaNaturals Attends Portland Greenfest This September


We are excited to announce that PacaNaturals will be attending the First Annual Portland Greenfest happening the second Saturday of September 2014. This is a free-admittance event celebrating planet Earth. Live music and local food will bring the fun while nearly fifty vendors set up demonstrations and activities designed to help you live a green life!

This event isn’t just about education. A bike fix-it station will be made available, offering free tune ups. Kids will be able to explore marine life at a touch pool filled with starfish and urchins. Take a seat at the Maine Audubon crafts table, or join in on a scavenger hunt that will take you all over Monument Square.

For a complete list of demonstrations and interactive activities you and your family can enjoy, follow this link.


Did you know that alpacas are considered a “green animal” because they have very little effect on their home environment while providing renewable resources? Their soft hooves help these critters to tread lightly as they help mow the lawn, “cutting” the grass short as they eat instead of ripping out the root. As members of the camelid family, the animals eat and drink less, converting food into energy more efficiently. The “alpaca beans” (which is a euphemism for manure) are rich in nutrients and make an excellent fertilizer.

We can’t forget to mention that alpaca fiber is a renewable fiber that requires no harsh chemicals to clean, which is great news for our water sources. No hot water is needed either, so less energy is used overall. And with alpaca, less is more: because this fiber is five times warmer than sheep wool, we can use less materials to keep you just as warm.

When you consider how the fiber is grown and what happens to it after it is clipped off our animals, it’s easy to see why our artisan apparel would be considered “eco friendly”.


We hope to see you at Portland’s First Annual Greenfest! If you’d like more information about how we’ll be participating or who you can get in touch with for more information, visit our event page¬†for up to date information.