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PacaNaturals Welcomes Emily Camp for First Friday Art Walk

It’s Friday, September 5th, the first friday of the month… and you know what that means! It’s time for First Friday Art Walk.

Buffle Head Ducks

This month features water colors and prints created by Augusta artist, Emily Camp. This mother-and-business-professional by day has been drawing since early childhood. Emily says drawing came naturally for her; she hardly ever questioned her path as an artist until she had already enrolled in art school. College is a time of self-discovery for many people, and being away from home allowed Emily the chance to ask herself, “Is this what I want?”

“Now, if there is one thing that I know about myself, it is that I am an artist,” she says. “It’s a part of me that I would not want to be separated from. It is in the way I see the world. It is how I think, how I respond. It is what makes life interesting for me.”

Her creative process can be a bit chaotic. Emily enjoys many styles of art – her most recent obsession is book art – and working with mediums of all sorts. Bouncing from project to project offers a lot of variety and yields unfinished pieces calling for her attention.

Emily’s work is created with water colors, pastels, and prints. The exhibit is called, “A Place In Time”. Each piece features a metaphorical or a literal reflection that captures a moment in time. One of our walls houses a series of pastels that depict water movement in a vivid, colorful manner. Other pieces features scenes of Portland, such as the one above.

My favorite piece is a print that seems to be home to a tangled mess of fibers. The pop of colors remind you of fall, and the piece seems to say, “It’s okay to color outside of the lines…” At least, that’s what it says to this amateur art lover. Come by sometime and tell me what your interpretation is!

“A Place In Time” will be available for viewing all month long. Stop in at PacaNaturals during store hours

PacaNaturals is excited to participate in Portland’s First Friday Art Walk, happening tonight from 5:00pm until 8:00pm. Our doors will stay up into the night, welcoming art walkers and passers-by alike.