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Hand Felted Alpacas Seek Good Home

This needle felted herd looks like a miniature version of our herd on the farm!
This needle felted herd looks like a miniature version of our herd on the farm!

Have you seen these felted alpacas hanging out in our window display or cuddling up to our baby blankets? They are fuzzy, adorable, and ready to find a new home on your shelf or in someone’s crib. This soft companion is a unique gift for alpaca lovers of all ages. And this week, they are discounted 10%!

The miniature felted alpacas are needle felted by hand. They are created here in Portland with fiber grown on our farm. If you’re looking for a special gift that its 100% made in Maine, consider a needle felted alpaca.

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These alpacas have some stellar hair. You might think this full head of hair sticking straight up is a detail added for comical effect, but truly, it’s not uncommon to see some funky hair styles on these camelids. Just check out this list of “25 Alpacas with the Most Amazing Hair Ever“. Another¬†sweet detail is the heart shaped nose adorning each face. The artist exercised some creative liberty with this feature, but you can’t deny the overwhelming urge to rub noses when you notice it. Each animal also wears a unique “collar” and a tiny bell charm.

For reference, each animal is about six inches long and 3.5″ tall.

Cropped DSC00108Our alpacas aren’t the only felted critters in our store. We also have a small selection of sheep and KeithFelts that are also discounted 10% this week. Each animal is one of a kind and hand made here in Maine. These critters are a unique keepsake for fans of fiber and alpacas alike.

Unfortunately, this item isn’t available online.¬†Stop by our store to hold an alpaca in your hand!