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The Sustainability of Buying Local

buying local yarnAs we learn more and more about the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle, the focus on buying local has increased substantially. Whereas two decades ago, there may not have been much emphasis on where our products came from, there is great push now to buy domestically made goods. Within this push is the idea that the more local you buy, the better. Buying local products from local people supports your immediate economy and produces tangible results. For example, purchasing holiday gifts from a local farm stand or family-run business is a much more sustainable and rewarding practice than purchasing these same things from an online retailer would be. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve purchased a premium product, but you can often see the effect of your purchase firsthand.

PacaNaturals is a local company, run by local people, with products made from local artisans from the fiber of local animals. Your purchases at our store are directly boosting the Maine economy by sustaining the demand for our alpaca products and keeping our local knitters and weavers in business. Additionally, your purchases are supporting the Maine alpaca farms whose fiber has gone into the items you have purchased.

Another wonderful reason to buy local is that you know exactly where your product is coming from and, because of this, you are getting a greater quality good. Mounted on the walls of our store are photos of our animals; on each shelf tag are the names of the local crafters responsible for making your item. It is these details that comfort the consumer by showing them exactly what their purchase means for them and for us.

The sustainability of buying local cannot be overstated, especially in the current economic situation. Fortunately, Portland is full of beautiful one-of-a-kind shops selling unique items and helping to bolster the Maine economy. We take pride in the fact that we are one of these shops and use this opportunity to bring you, the customer, the best products at the fairest prices.

When you buy from PacaNaturals, you can be sure that your purchase is a sustainable one! For more details about how buying local benefits the economy, see here.