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5 Valentines Gifts for Him

As we established in our previous post, ‘7 Gifts for Her on Valentines Day,’ this romantic holiday is the perfect one to let your loved one know how special they are. Here at PacaNaturals, we have just the items you need (plus a few additional suggestions) to make this Valentines Day a great one. Keep reading for 5 Gifts for Him this Valentines Day.

1. A hearty breakfast. It is no secret that men like a nice big meal, so why not give him one this Valentines Day morning? Make him some fluffy pancakes and add yummy Hilltop Boilers maple syrup over the top. This will be sure to kick his V-Day off right, and you’ll get points for the effort.

2. TV seasons on DVD. What better way to show your man you love him than to buy him his favorite television series on DVD. Not only will he love having the power to watch his show whenever he wants, but he’ll love all of the bonus content that comes with most series sets. Plus, with the time he spends binge watching his series, you can catch up on all your favorite shows (without any griping) in another room!

3. Chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate? In addition to being a day of love, Valentines Day is also a sacred day of chocolate eating. Encourage his appetite with a delicious set of gourmet chocolates from local Portland shops.Wrong Side Tab Scarf With Border

4. A luxurious alpaca scarf. Scarves are in for men and women, and we have just the scarf your man needs to survive what’s left of winter. Come in and choose from our vast selection of premium knit alpaca scarves – you’re guaranteed to find just the one your man will want. He’ll love this gift for its style and its functionality.

5. A romantic getaway. Just as we suggested in our previous post about perfect gifts for women, men also enjoy romantic getaways. You know your man best, so make a list of the things he likes and plan a quick weekend adventure somewhere in New England. The winter scenery in the northeast is like nowhere else, enjoy it together!

There you go! We’ve provided you with 5 great gift ideas for your man this Valentines Day. Not sure about any of these suggestions? Come on down to our store and we’ll help you find something perfect for your guy. Happy Valentines Day!