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7 Gifts for Her on Valentines Day

Valentines Day is almost here! Or, as some like to call it, Singles Awareness Day. Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone or you’re simply recognizing your own awesomeness this year, PacaNaturals has the perfect items for you. In honor of this most romantic of days, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of ideal gifts for her. Read through for gift ideas and stay tuned for our next post, Valentines Day Gifts for Him!

handwarmers1. Super Comfy Hand Warmers. February is known to be one of the coldest months of the year, just remember that 36″ snow storm we got last year! That’s why these hand warmers are the perfect gift for the busy woman. Functional and stylish, these warmers will keep your hands toasty while still allowing their full use. Awesome!

2. DIY Instagram Coasters. Don’t let the ‘DIY’ of it all freak you out. These Instagram coasters are an awesome gift for anyone special to you, or to simply make for yourself! Super cheap and very easy, these coasters will get you lots of brownie points for your efforts. Go here to find out how to make your own!

3. Flowers. It may seem cheap or cliche, but it’s really not. Flowers are a wonderful way to show you care. If you put enough effort into the card, you can really hit a home run this Valentine’s Day.

4. Knitting Classes. Has your lady love expressed interest in taking up a craft? What better way to show you’ve been paying attention than to get her lessons for whatever she’s been meaning to learn about. Might we suggest that the two of you take up a partners knitting class? But before you hit your first lesson, make sure to stop by PacaNaturals for some premium alpaca yarn.

5. Personalized Phone Case. Everybody loves personalization and everybody loves their phone. Combine those two loves and get that special someone a phone, tablet, or laptop case complete with a picture of the two of you printed on the back. This will be a cherished possession for years to come.

6. A romantic getaway. It also may seem a touch cliche, but I guarantee your loved one isn’t going to be complaining when she’s being pampered at a couples spa with a glass of crisp champagne in hand. Take her someplace special and show her all tuckstitchvestthe treatment she deserves. And, if you’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day in place of St. Valentine’s, take yourself someplace great – you deserve it!

7. A Soft Alpaca Vest. Here’s something she never knew she wanted: the world’s coziest alpaca vest, made from SuriPaco’s Eastport Yarn Collection. This vest has an elegant stitch and is available in multiple colors. Grab one for your sweetheart and let her know she deserves all of life’s finer things. It’ll keep her warm on even the coldest February day.

There you have it: seven great ideas ready to be put into action for this Valentine’s Day! And stay tuned for our upcoming post, Valentines Gifts for Him. Happy Valentines Day, everyone!