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Why An Alpaca Scarf Is the Must Have of the New Year

alpacascarfAlpaca products are growing increasingly popular as people become more and more aware of these beautiful animals and the many benefits of using their fiber for apparel and other goods. As we enter the new year, it seems appropriate to tout the greatness of the alpaca scarf. So, what makes this such a “must have” for 2014? Keep reading for the reasons that we love our alpaca scarves here at PacaNaturals!

1. They are stylish. To put it shortly, scarves are in. No matter where you live, scarves have been resurrected as a style must and have taken over everyone’s wardrobe in the past few years. If you have the right scarf, everyone will know you mean business.

2. They are warm. Sure, scarves are fashionable, but everyone here in Maine knows that a fashionable scarf will only get you so far throughout the unforgiving winter season. Luckily, alpaca scarves are both stylish and warm, and they are just the accessory to propel you through the depths of a nor’easter.

3. You could be a trendsetter. While alpaca products are gaining popularity among shoppers, it is safe to bet that not every one of your friends has an item made of alpaca fiber enhancing their wardrobe. That’s where we come in. Our alpaca scarves are as durable as they are beautiful and, with one of them wrapped elegantly around your neck this winter, you’ll be the envy of your peers.

4. The selection is vast. Here at PacaNaturals, we know that one scarf does NOT fit all. That’s why we have an abundant selection of gorgeous alpaca scarves ready to add a splash of sophistication to any outfit. Handcrafted by some of Maine’s finest artisans, there is sure to be a scarf in our collection that will strike your fancy.

5. You’re supporting local. Supporting local business is the most sustainable way to bolster the economy. Not only does purchasing a fine alpaca scarf from PacaNaturals support a local business, it supports the local weavers, spinners, and knitters who work hard to craft our quality alpaca goods by hand, and strive to give you only the most premium products.

So, for the reasons above and many more, stop by our store and pick up your alpaca scarf today. Whether you need a scarf to stay warm throughout the harsh Maine winter, or you simply want to spruce up your style, PacaNaturals has the item for you!