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Our Artisan Alpaca Hats Are 10% Off!

It is no surprise that folks frequently stop by to try on our hats. When you think of warm alpaca fiber, you immediately conjure images of luxurious winter wear. While it’s true we have sophisticated winter fashions, we also have a number of artisan alpaca hats that look great year round.

Which ever season your hat is best suited for, we’re offering a 10% discount on hats in store. Unfortunately, this special offer does not extend to our hats on consignment.
Lacy Waves Hat

These hand knit, lacy hats are an excellent example of how alpaca can be light and fun. This scalloped pattern is featured on hats and scarves and is worked up with Abbott Yarns and the Eastport collection. The hat is a lighter layer that can add a pop of color to an outfit. You can wear this hat with a slouch, or you can pull it down over your ears to protect you from the autumn chill.

Other hats that are similar to this pattern are our layering leaves hat and our ribbed edge beret, which is not featured on our web store.

Many of these items are one of a kind. While there might be multiples of a design, each will be a different color. A lot of natural variation can occur with handmade items as well. For this reason, we recommend stopping by to try on our apparel. You’ll be sure to find the right style and color combination, as well as the perfect fit.

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier, or perhaps just a bit more masculine, we’ve got you covered there, too! Pictured above, you’ll see our Men’s Classic Beanies. These beanies are more tightly knit with your warmth in mind, with a double-layer band around the brim. You can find this style in two sizes.

Of course, you can always find our favored yak hat style┬áin a multitude of colors. Right now, this particular style is available knit in soft pastels or crocheted in brighter colors. It is also available in children’s sizes.

Stop in and take a walk around the shop! We’re sure we can find you something that fits your head and your personality.