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Fall Fashion Time! – Embracing the Cold Weather

Well, we may not have fully transitioned into fall quite yet, but the change is certainly coming. There is a crispness to the air that was not here a week ago, and the breeze feels a little less refreshing and a little more unwelcome. While the cooler weather may have you grumbling about those too-short New England summers, there is one thing that will cheer you up: it’s fall fashion season. Sure, summer has its cute tanktops and cutoff shorts; winter yields the opportunity to show off your LL Bean boots and Patagonia vests; spring calls for a shedding of layers. But here’s the truth: fall is the best season for fashion. We’re here to give you a few of our favorite fall fashion tips and to show off some of our favorite pieces from the PacaNaturals fall collection.

Layers: the name of the fall fashion game. Now is the time to throw on a comfortable t-shirt underneath a fuzzy alpaca sweater and to top it all off with a stylish vest. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not clashing colors or patterns, but this won’t be much of a concern if you venture over to our online sweater store where we’ve got lots of selections. You can up your fashion game with a pair of earth-tone pants – think burnt orange, olive green or stone gray. Bonus points for a scarf or hat that matches your bottom half! Take a look at our Fall Fashion Pinterest board for some ideas on how to achieve this look.

Scarves are all that. Don’t skimp on the scarves – that’s what we always say! Alpaca scarves are an amazing way to keep warm and look good while you’re at it. There are so many ways to wear a scarf, whether you’re changing up how you tie it or matching it to your other accessories. Even going for a more lightweight scarf option will keep you fairly warm when the bitter fall breeze comes sweeping through.

DSC00452_BDon’t miss the mittens. Maybe you feel like geek wearing mittens when you don’t absolutely have to. Maybe it takes you back to those miserable times on the playground when the teachers forced you to go outside in borderline subzero temperatures. Whatever you have against mittens, drop your bias. Mittens are making a fall fashion comeback in the best way. Check out our fingerless mittens which protect your hands against the unpredictable Maine temperatures without feeling bulky or awkward. When the temperatures really start to drop, look for sleek and stylish gloves rather than mittens for full functionality.

Plaid is the new black. One of the best things about fall is the flannel. Perfect for lazy weekends, trips to the apple orchard or strolling around the Old Port before the cold gets unbearable, there’s no other way to put it: flannels are AMAZING. When you pair a fashionable plaid with a solid scarf and hat, you’re sure to be warm and toasty. But don’t rule flannel out for those warmer autumn days either. Leaving the flannel unbuttoned or rolling up the sleeves are both fashionable options for staying one step ahead of the fickle fall sun.

So, can we all agree that the return of fall fashion season is exciting?! It really is the best time of the year. Break out your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and a crazy comfy pea-coat and enjoy pumpkin spice everything, apple orchards, the changing leaves and whatever else you may love about autumn in Maine. And don’t forget to stop in and see us. We’ll help you ready your wardrobe for autumn and winter. It also doesn’t hurt to get a jump start on that Christmas shopping, either…