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Celebrate Green Living: Find Us At Portland’s Greenfest – This Saturday 9/13!

date-tagAs green living continues to increase its popularity, Portland’s Greenfest, the first of what hopes to be an annual event, will slide into town this weekend. Guess who will be there? US! (Among many others.) More green events and displays are slated to appear at the Greenfest than you can probably even imagine, but we’re going to highlight a few of the most hypable. Before we start, though, what exactly is the Portland Greenfest?

Hosted by the Greater Portland Sustainability Council and their many partners, this first annual Greenfest will wear many hats. Whether you’re in the market to make your home or business more sustainable, find more eco-friendly fashion for your wardrobe, or just plain have fun, Greenfest has you covered. Live music will be happening all day long as acts like Johnny Fireseed & the Junkyard Dogs and Truth About Daisies take the main stage. When you want a change of scenery or media, an eco-film festival will be taking place, screening films from the lesser-known WASTE LAND to the wildly successful adaptation of Dr. Suess’s The Lorax. Think you have a handle on Greenfest? Read on for our picks on how to spend your day. 

The Trashion Show. What is this, you ask? We had the same question. As it turns out, a trashion show is exactly what it sounds like. Recyclables, trash and other junk are re-purposed into runway worthy romps. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative entries. Duct tape dress, anyone?

Eco-poetry slam. So, we’re pretty excited about this. If you’ve never seen a slam poetry session, you’re about to be schooled inannual-maine6 all of the best ways. You’re the judge as slam poets take the stage as individuals or in groups and perform their work. The more character, spirit and style, the better, and of course this poetry slam has an eco twist. You won’t want to miss it.

US! You didn’t think we were going to overlook ourselves, did you? We will be one of the 60+ vendors involved in this First Annual Greenfest and we couldn’t be more excited. From solar energy to food samples, the list of vendors is long and our expertise is vast. We’ll be equipped with crafts, needle-felting and yarn-spinning lessons, and an entire lineup of our fine alpaca products. A perfect opportunity for stocking up for fall or getting that Christmas shopping done early. We have everything you need to make Portland’s Greenfest an amazing experience for all!

The Greenfest is this Saturday, September 13th from 10am to 4pm. Everything is free and sure to be informative and fun. Want to volunteer? The Greenfest website has everything you need to know, including the fact that you’ll get a free shirt (made from recyclable materials, of course), water bottle and raffle entry. Visit Greenfest’s site for more details on the event and how to sign up for the things we mentioned above – and much, much more! We can’t wait to see you there.