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Lather Up With Made in Maine Soap

Cropped Soap

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on our “made in Maine soap”. Each bar of soap is molded by hand using goat’s milk sourced from local farms. Your skin will feel smooth from the superior moisture provided by our Maine soap. Essential oils offer a light fragrance that keep you smelling fresh all day long. Scents vary from floral and line to sweet and decedent, allowing you to express your personal style.

Our soaps are sourced from three Maine businesses: Falling Star Farm, Liv with Roz Farm, and Sisters Soap. PacaNaturals is proud to support these local businesses, because each one likes to support our local businesses, too. We love finding products that help breathe life in our great state’s economy.

This week, you can enjoy a 15% discount on all of our soaps.

Cropped Falling Star FarmPictured above is some of our felted soaps, courtesy of Falling Star Farm. Each bar is wet felted with alpaca fiber. Why the fiber? It takes the place of your wash cloth! Simply wet the soap as is, and soon you’ll have a suds dispenser that stays evenly lathered while bathing. The fiber feels soft and delicate on your skin, but it is actually helping you exfoliate by efficiently removing dead skin cells. You might also notice a few blemishes clearing up, too! Felted soap stay cleaner than loofahs do, preventing unnecessary break outs.

In addition to Falling Star Farm’s version of felted soap, we also have a few felted bars from Sisters Soap (pictured below). These round, colorful beauties are created with the same combination of goat’s milk and essential oils, but they are felted with fiber from the alpacas on our farm! How exciting is that?

Felted Sisters SoapDon’t forget to give the “German Chocolate Cake” soap a whiff! It smells so sweet and delicious, you might want to eat it. We recommend you¬†don’t¬†ingest any of our Maine soaps, though, even if your mouth does need a good washing.

All of our soaps are on special now through Saturday, August 30th. Stop by our store to find a scent that suits you, or grab a couple bars to keep on hand for gift giving in a pinch.