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The Return of the Maine Alpaca Blanket Project

Throws Collage

Who remembers these luxurious throws that were in our back when we first opened our doors? These blankets were the result of a collaboration between 28 alpaca farms located right here in Maine. Each farm donated a fiber from their annual clip to help create these woven throws that measure 6 feet by 6 feet. Three styles were created using the natural colors found on alpacas: one solid (pictured), one striped (also picture), and one “ombre” (not pictured).

Alpaca enthusiasts would stop in to purchase one of the blankets for themselves, and then come back a week later to get another as a gift for a friend. Our store sold out of these throws ages ago, but fans kept wanting more. We acquired a few spares from farms that hadn’t sold out yet. We also got to thinking.

Because this first run was such a success, why not do it again?

Keep reading for details about this fall’s 2014 Maine Alpaca Blanket Project.


After a successful initial run, our farm is reintroducing the Maine Alpaca Blanket Project which will create a blanket made with alpaca fiber sourced entirely from Maine farms. In June, we set up shop at the Maine Mall to collect and sort fleece. Nearly 600lbs of fiber was collected from eighteen farms, which was sent to a Maine facility to be rinsed with cool water and no harsh chemicals. We delivered that clean fiber to a mill a couple of weeks ago. It will be spun into yarn and then shipped to Brunswick, Maine to be woven into the final product.

Right now, we’re anxious to feel the yarn we’re having made. We’re designing a two-tone throw that is elegant and worthy of the fine fiber we collected. We hope to begin weaving by October 1st so that the first few blankets might be in our hands by November 1st, but we won’t have an official ETA until the yarn is with the weavers. You’ll just have to stay tuned to learn more details!

One thing we’re doing differently: this blanket will not be 100% alpaca fiber. The yarn will be a blend of the alpaca fleece and fine wool. The wool is still domestically sourced and will add extra durability to each blanket. This will be a warm throw you keep for many, many years.


Farms that donated to the 2014 Maine Alpaca Blanket Project will have first dibs on these unique throws, but we’ll keep a limited number of throws for sale at PacaNaturals. These blankets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Are you interested in getting on that list? Give us a call!

Are you too anxious to wait for our new blankets arriving late this fall? Head on over to our web store to purchase one of the blankets remaining from the first run.

As the spinning and weaving process unfolds, we’ll keep posting. We’re very excited to share this accomplishment with the world. It just goes to show you what we Mainahs can do when we work together.